Karachi Airport

Karachi Airport

Karachi Airport

Jinnah International airport is built at Drigh Road. Airport, Karachi airport is the busiest international and  domestic airport. Karachi airport is named after the founder of Pakistan “Jinnah international airport “.  In world war 11 Karachi airport is the base of the United States army air force. In the 1980s airport  expensed Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 and more. Currently, Karachi airport handles both domestic and  international flights.  

 There’s a MacDonald’s inside the Jinnah international airport. People came from outside of Pakistan  came and sit in the MacDonald to eat their food and relax for a while after the flights. At Karachi airport,  Terminal 3, is for, commercial offices, for the hajj terminal, 2 is dedicated. Terminal 1 is the (original  airport). From the 1960s to the 1980s Karachi airport was the busiest airport. Karachi airport many  different airlines work in association at Karachi airport like air blue, serene Airlines, PIA, AirSial,  Emirates, Srilankan airlines, Turkish Airlines, and more.  

 The civil aviation authority in Pakistan has all the results and information of cargo, aircraft  movements, and passenger numbers of the following providing tables.  

The airport has a large parking area where you can. Park around 3000 vehicles. For all the people  coming out from the airport, they can easily find minibusses, taxis, cabs, and bus are available too. Auto rickshaws are also available. From the Karachi airport, the Karachi cantonment railway station is the  nearest. Karachi is located 2km southwest of Jinnah airport, just south of stargate. The biggest airport in  Pakistan is the Jinnah international airport. The Jinnah international airport has two runways. 

 Jinnah international airport handles 20 airlines from 36 destinations independently. The biggest  national airline is Pakistan international airline out of a total of 5. The owner/operator of Jinnah  international airport is Pakistan civil aviation authority manager Afsar Malik.

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